Preservation of Nature, Sea and the Environment Event

Newport Seafood celebrated its 9th birthday last year. Started by the Beverly Beach Aquarium as a method to help people find the way in the often challenging seafood landscape, our program now works with governments, multilateral agreement organizations, seafood eco-certification organizations and companies – helping as globally-respected source of trustworthy scientific knowledge and a groundwork for the eco-friendly seafood movement.

We’re happy to reveal that one of our involved Aquarium events extends to a considerable milestone next week as well, with the kickoff of our 4th Oregon Research Institute.

The Institute gathers culinarians, food manufacturers, thought leaders and writers who handle food and the environment for a two-day research of developments that are altering food systems to assist healthy soils as well as balanced oceans. Our wish is that, after leaving Newport, they then expand the dialogue to you after they leave.

For over 30 years, the Aquarium’s Research and Science courses have worked to motivate preservation of the oceans, and to help support actions that will matter. Through the Institute, we’re taking the preservation dialogue beyond the ocean. Why? Since the health of ocean wildlife – and the environment where ocean creatures live – is completely associated to what happens on land. The continuity and health of our farming and food systems has a strong effect on the health of our ocean life support structure. That means we need to handle procedures on land in another way in order to safeguard the health of the oceans.

In every field, new strategies to food systems are taking hold, and we’ve seen transformative switch in many areas. As attention in sustainability concerns grows, spreading information about new alternatives has never been more significant. We’re thrilled to improve this debate on a range of topics, such as the West Coast groundfish restoration, saving tuna, social difficulties in the food supply chain, antibiotics use in food manufacturing and lowering food waste.

Thanks for joining us and being a part of the treatment.