Choosing Saltwater Fish for Your Aquarium

Selecting what fish to place in your saltwater aquarium is as significant a choice as selecting which equipment to get. And all many times, the incorrect fish put in the wrong aquarium can lead to unfortunate results.

Saltwater fish tanks are a stunning way to have wildlife in to the home or office; however, in contrast to fresh water aquariums, the fish demand a bit more work to maintain a well-balanced environment. Many people choose to have high-end tank equipment while also having hired help to check on the pH balance in the fish tank no less than once a month.

Saltwater Fish Selection
There is a significant choice offered when it comes to saltwater tank fish and the initial step in deciding on which fish you would like to fill your aquarium with is to do a little homework.

Blue Tangbluetang
The blue tang fish is an especially well-liked fish for lots of aquarium enthusiasts due to its bright blue coloring and incredible look. The blue tang is a calm fish and it will grow to a full size of 1 inch, yet it needs a minimum tank size of about 180 gallons. These fish are good for novice aquarium owners and are easy to maintain and feed on an herbivorous diet.

Firefish are a fairly small fish with a greatest size of 3” when grown up and like the other beginner fish listed here they are simple to look after. A firefish can thrive in a 10 gallon aquarium when adult and is suitable with reef tanks.The firefish is not a violent fish and should be set in a tank with other peaceful fish that survive in a water temperature of 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The best pH for firefish is from 81 to 8.4 and they need a carnivorous diet.

Snowflake Eel
The Snowflake Eel, often called the Snowflake Moray Eel, Clouded Moray, or Starry Moray, is one of the most gorgeous morays, and inhabits caves and crevices across the Indo-Pacific reefs. In the wild, it can increase to 39 inches, but captive specimens usually don’t go over 24 inches. This is a very robust eel, but an escape specialist. A 50 gallon or larger tank with plenty of live rock and a firmly fit canopy will do just fine.

Flame Angelfishflameangelfish
The Flame Angelfish is a fancy inclusion to many aquariums. Probably the most famous of the dwarf angelfish, the Flame Angelfish is a bold red/orange shade with straight black lines showcasing the body and horizontal black lines across the caudal portions of the blue-tipped dorsal and perineal fins. The Flame Angelfish needs no less than a 70-gallon aquarium with a lot of hiding locations and live rock for grazing. The Flame Angelfish is vulnerable to nip at stony and soft corals and clam mantles. The food of the Flame Angelfish should contain Spirulina, marine algae, top quality angelfish treatments, mysis or frozen shrimp, and other high-quality meaty products.


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