Freshwater Fish Tank Maintenance

Aquarium maintenance is one of the not too exciting thing no one really talks about when speaking about aquariums. But, if you want to keep your fish happy and healthy, a frequent maintenance regimen is fundamental. Maintenance on freshwater and saltwater tanks are different, so this post will concentrate on freshwater and tropical tanks.ftdecc

The minimum maintenance you need to do, is at least once a week, but the best schedule will vary depending on the needs of your fish. Often, smaller water changes done frequently are better than very large but irregular water changes. Even so, it will all vary depending on your fish and your tank arrangement.

1. If possible, turn off all electrical devices next to the aquarium. Water and electricity don’t mix together that good.

2. Inside walls of the tank can be cleaned from algae with an algae scrubber or sponge wash.

3. Generally 10 to 20% of the water needs to be replaced every week. More regular water changes are only necessary when your fish are sick.

4. Using a siphon is a simple way to move liquid from place to place without a pump.

5. Clean the decorations and ornaments with an algae sponge or cloth. If the decorations are coated with algae you can remove them from the tank and put them on a 10% bleach solution for 20 minutes, then rinse the bleach off with hot water and let them air dry up.aquaria200

6. Set ready the substitute water, with water conditioner added and get it up to tank temperature before you put it back to the tank. Be careful to not add too hot water, as it may harm the fish, so be careful.

7. Filter cartridges or media cleaning should be performed one time each month, using water removed during the water change. Using aquarium water is necessary when cleaning these filters so you do not risk eliminating the beneficial bacteria needed for the biological filtration. After the filter is back in its place, give your fish 30 minutes before turning the lights on again.

Aquarium keeping is an enjoyable, and fulfilling hobby that brings the enchantment of biology and nature into your home. Frequent water changes and routine servicing is the formula for success.

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